Start session

Start your conference call

At the agreed time your teleconference must be started. Below is an explanation for a dial in conference call and for a call in case your customer chose Dial-out.

Dial in

To join a dial in conference call each participant calls at the agreed time to one of the access numbers of WeTolk. You as interpreter use the Interpreter-code, the other participants use the participant code. Optionally, you can log in and select "Planned Conversations" and than open the control panel of the current session (click on gear wheel icon). You now can see in real time who is in the call in and more.

Dial out

If you or your customer chose to use Dial-out you login and select "Planned conversations" . Than select the gear wheel icon on the line of the session that you want to start. On the right bottom corner you find the list with participants (including yourself) and the possibility to call each of them. There is also a field where you may enter a phone number. This is convenient for last minute changes.

WeTolk Dial-out works like miracle

Dial-out: click on the phone icon in the right bottom corner to call a participant.