You where found via WeTolk

If you are found through WeTolk and a customer wants to make use of your services, you receive a e-mail from WeTolk. It is important that you handle this request on a professional and timely manner.

Before the session

1. Accept...

If you log in you will see under "Planned conversations" new requests for sessions. If you open the session you see all the details. You can simply accept the session.

2. ...or reject

If you want to reject the session or want it to take place at another time we advise you to call the customer and adjust all the details directly. You can adjust the session to the agreed details and still confirm it. You can also cancel the session and thereby give a reason.

3. Confirmation by e-mail

Your customer will always receive an automated confirmation e-mail from WeTolk: whether the session is accepted or cancelled and the notes you entered. Also, the instructions to participate are provided in the confirmation e-mail.

After the session

Invoice your customer

If you want you may use the WeTolk invoicing tool to create a detailed invoice for your customer on your behalf.

  • Login and chose menu link "History"
  • Click the list icon at the end of the line of the session that must be invoiced
  • Now select "Download invoice-template for this session"

You will now receive an invoice that is completed as much as possible. You may edit this and complete this document to your own preferences. For example by adding an invoice number from your own set.

You decide whether or not to use the invoice template.

The session itself

Please find more information about how to start a session here